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Providing Peace of Mind 

and Safe Anesthesia for Your Pet

Services for Veterinarians

Our Board Certified Anesthesiologist will provide a multitude of services on-site or via remote consultation to help you provide the the best patient care possible: In-hospital anesthetic patient monitoring, case consultations, in-hospital staff training, continuing education

We also provide remote consultation to veterinarians or on-site appointments for patient pain management.


Services for Clients

Our Board Certified Anesthesiologist can work with your family veterinarian to provide anesthetic consults, direct anesthetic case management  & consultation for the management of acute and chronic pain process for your pet(s).  


In some states, we may also be available to meet you and your pet in person for a pre-anesthetic or pain management consultations.

If interested in our services, please have your family veterinarian contact us.




"We have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Hopkins for nearly a decade.  

She has been an invaluable resource in providing direct monitoring for our high risk patients.  In addition, as an instructor, she has raised the level of care for all our patients.  Over the last year, she has tailored anesthesia protocols for each of our thousands of surgery patients.  Finally, as a member of our team, she is available for emergency consultation/questions for pets under anesthesia 


If you are looking to advance the anesthesia in your practice, a partnership with Dr. Hopkins is a great way to do so"


Owner Veterinary Dental Specialties & Oral Surgery

I have been a general practitioner for almost 8 years and have been consulting with Dr. Hopkins about my anesthetic cases for all of them. Having been trained at a renowned specialty hospital, it is important to me to uphold gold standard of care.

Dr. Hopkins’ consults help me achieve this.


Not only is she a brilliant anesthesiologist, she is a compassionate person who always prioritizes what is best for the patients. Having her directly monitoring patients is an invaluable service and would be an absolute game-changer in the quality of care offered to clients and patients. 


Candace Runyan, DVM

Medical Director

"Dr. Hopkins is an invaluable resource on all things pain and anesthesia!  As a general practice vet, I feel at ease knowing that she will provide the best care possible for my patients.  I highly recommend Dr. Hopkins for help with your challenging anesthetic cases!"

Chelsea D Warren, DVM

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