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In-hospital Anesthesia Services 


Veterinary hospitals can solicit our services to come on-site and have a Board Certified Anesthesiologist directly manage a patient during the peri-anesthetic period.  This includes:

  • Review of patient history

  • Recommendations for pre-anesthetic diagnostics or therapies

  • Physical exam of patient

  • Protocol development

  • Use of multimodal analgesia

  • Induction, maintenance and recovery of patient

  • Recommendations for postoperative patient monitoring

  • Recommendations for postoperative pain management

               Services available in several states                 (please reach out for more information)



Case Consultations

Consultations via phone or email can be provided  to veterinarians by our Board Certified

 Anesthesiologist, in advance of a procedure.  Consultation service would include:

  • Evaluation of patient history and diagnostics previously performed

  • Recommendations for any additional diagnostics that may be needed

  • Development of an anesthetic protocol tailored for each individual patient

  • Suggestions provided on how to minimize and manage any anticipated anesthetic risk

  • Recommendations for management of post-procedural pain

                Consultation services for veterinary             teams available in all states​

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